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Featured Article


By Finalduke

There are 23 weapons in Renegade each with their own characteristics. While Westwood brought back some weapons from the original Command and Conquer, they also added all new weapons to the Command and Conquer world. All weapons are complete with perfect graphics and animations, making a great combination for a exciting game. Here are most of the weapons, each with there own comment about the weapon. I also added some extra screenshots to show what some of the weapons look like in the game.

Automatic Pistol:  Useless handgun
Auto Rifle:  Regular Automatic Rifle with lots of ammo
Ramjet Rifle:  Three words "aim, trigger, kill" good for infantry and vehicles
Laser Chain Gun:  Like the chain gun but stronger and it uses laser based ammo
Timed C4: : Timed C4 that is a must to kill any building
Proximity Mine:  A mine placed on walls or ground used for anti infantry defense in buildings
Remote C4:  C4 that is detonated by remote
Ion Cannon Beacon:  Beacon that is used to deploy the Ion Cannon
Nuclear Strike Beacon:  Beacon that calls down the nuke strike
Repair Gun:  Repairs objects and can disarm C4
Volt Auto Rifle:  A weapon that shoots an electical charge
Personal Ion Cannon:  Why buy an Ion Cannon when you can hold one
Chain Gun:  Better then the Auto Rifle, this is an all around infantry buster
Chem Sprayer:  Shoots a form of tiberian gas into the air
Rocket Launcher:  Shoots long range rockets, good against infantry and tanks
Auto Rocket Launcher:  Virtually the same as the regular rocket launcher but with a faster rate of fire
Pump Shotgun:  A deadly close range infantry killer
Flamethrower:  A liquid based flame thrower for toasting infantry
Grenade Launcher:  Fires long range grenades in an arc
Sniper Rifle:  the bread and butter in Renegade, multiple zoom included
Rail Gun:  On of the best guns in the game, can kill any tank with 10 shots or less
Tiberium Auto Rifle:  A tiberium based machine gun that does mild damage

Even though there is still a little balancing needed, all the weapons look complete for the release of Renegade. People may think some of the weapons are cheap because they can kill most infantry in one hit and vehicles in seven or so hits. But when you really think they spent 1000 credits on that unit or maybe even 2000 credits, it is not cheap! With 1000 credits you can buy a Ion Cannon or Nuclear Strike Beacon that could do even more damage. So when you play and you die without a soul in sight that is the power of a sniper in the great game of Renegade.

If you have a question about Renegade stop by our forums and get your question answered by one of the three Westwood Infiltration beta testers.

Weapon Screenshots:

Weapon 1
Weapon 2
Weapon 3

Click each image for a larger version.



Additional Screenshots:

Renegade Screenshot 35
Renegade Screenshot 36
Renegade Screenshot 37
Renegade Screenshot 38
Renegade Screenshot 39
Renegade Screenshot 40